About Us

We are an online e-commerce website that sells consumer goods such as handbags and luggage, hats and so on . Welcome to click and browse.

·Insist on integrity

Honesty and trustworthiness is the key to success


The excellence and success of an enterprise is achieved by a group of employees with team spirit.


Believe in innovation, continue to inject vitality into the enterprise, so that the pace of the enterprise keeps pace with the times

·never give up 

Actively face the difficulties in work, keep self-motivation, seek breakthroughs, and move towards success

·Strive for self-improvement

Keep learning, self-improvement, and grow together with the company

·Team spirit

Actively integrate into the team, regardless of personal gains and losses, and give full play to the spirit of teamwork

When the business environment is facing new opportunities and challenges, on the other hand, we will explore new business models, 

develop e-commerce platforms and social media marketing, and build customer networks. In the near future, we will also explore O2O, C2B and other operations. 

The model enables the company’s business development to keep up with the pace of the times, to achieve innovative reforms in the Internet era, and to increase sales models and channels.